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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to unenroll my child from their school to participate through the charter?​  No you do not.  Your child will be completing classes when they are not active in their  regular school.

  • Can my child take summer school during the summer program? No they may not be enrolled in two different schools during the summer.  The charter we work with provides all courses needed to make up or get ahead in any credits.

  • Are any costs involved?  No, the only thing you and your team will need to worry about is transportation to and from the camp.

  • What kind of camp does Elite offer?  Elite offers amazing choreography to take you through your season.  Our staff members are highly trained to make sure you have the best material!

  •  What else do you do at cheer camp?  We do a ton!  We have a lip sync competition, jump competition, meet the staff opening event, and so much more!

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